Code Blue


Code Blue is a program that requires a premier contractor to complete many requirements to obtain work through it's program. The program provides water damage leads through reputable management and provides strict pricing.


To provide a top notch level of service consistently.


Developed customer satisfaction surveys and response times that were enhanced by the predictability of our internal software for each claim. Our crews can get to the job quickly and set up the proper equipment as we've worked with Code Blue and it's clients for many years.


By creating an internal system and flow of surveys and follow up emails we have been able to maximize customer satisfaction. If an issue occurs, we can quickly and easily find a solution to that issue. Our on site time has average 1 hour and 20 minutes because of our increased proficiency. The customer satisfaction went from 91% to 96% overall from these changes.


  • 1 Hr 20 Min Response Time
  • Enhanced Service
  • +5% Customer Satisfaction