Hair Cuttery


Hair Cuttery is a premier national chain for cutting hair in the United States. They have some of the top notch hair stylists and sell professional hair care products.


To avoid any delays and get the store back up and running as soon as possible to reduce the amount of appointments needed to be rescheduled.


We formed a unique emergency restoration plan that would minimize the down time of the store and created a plan of action to implement it.


Our team was able to reduce the overall time of the project by a few days from a typical emergency restoration plan but also we enhanced our process and completed the work 2 days earlier than expected. This proved very profitable and gave the store 2 extra days of sales revenue and saved them a revenue loss of about 3-5% for the month.

  • Completed 2 Days Earlier
  • 2 Days Of Gained Revenue
  • 3-5% Gained Sales Volume