Loss Priority Program

A loyalty program to help in a time of need the companies that have been using us the longest or have registered for our priority program.

The Loss Priority program is for any company that could potentially have a larger loss and would need priority service during a major storm. This program is open to property managers, realtors, commercial business, local government buildings and other industries requiring loss priority.


Large Loss Program

When signing up for our loss priority program, you will have priority access during a severe situation when it's hard to find a restoration contractor to come on site quickly.

We work closely with our clients when establishing objectives for there large loss situations and try to assist in any way possible to make sure that the down time of the business is minimal. Our team is experienced with these projects and situations and realize that every company has different objectives and goals that need to be accomplished. The CRD Restore team works hard to complete the large loss projects on time and with expert staff.


Ongoing Loss Priority Assistance

Projects Optimized

Ongoing support for water loss situations with our IICRC certified and company insured technicians. Effectively optimize your large loss or water extraction situation to get back up and running as quickly as possible.



We offer real time assistance for Large Loss situations in a time of emergency, we cater to our Loss Priority list which are clients which we've done previous work with or said that they will call us first if we prioritize them. The company has many satisfied customers and our priority is with companies which we've done business with longer and our Loss Priority shows our loyalty to these companies. To become a client of CRD Restore, please fill out the request form or call us to learn how to be on our Loss Priority list to have priority during catastrophic situations.