We’ve been partnered with Homesite for about two years now and work with the Homesite adjusters and homeowners to help with water damage and mold remediation claims.


We’ve been partnered with Amica since 2016 and have enjoyed the partnership. Our company handles water damage, fire restoration and mold remediation claims from them.


We’ve partnered with CSAA which is the premier insurance company of AAA. The partnership had started in 2014 and has continued to this day. Our estimators work hand and hand with the homeowners and adjusters to make sure everyone is happy with the project.


We’ve been working with MetLife adjusters for a while and have pricing in line with there estimating software. If you have a covered claim, we can work with MetLife to make sure you are covered properly as we are a preferred vendor for them.


We’ve worked with NBIC Insurance since 2015 and have worked with numerous adjusters and homeowners to make sure both parties are satisfied with the quality of work that we complete.

Third-Party Administrator

Code Blue

We've been a preferred vendor of Code Blue since 2016 and continue to work hand and hand with the company on water damage, sewage damage and mold remediation claims. Our estimators meet the deadlines that they provide and work with the homeowners for an easy process.