Barnes And Noble

Let us help you get your building back to normal.


Barnes and Noble, one of the leaders in the bookselling industry, had a large loss water loss that occurred at one of their properties and needed an experienced company to handle the loss.

Achieved a 6% savings from advanced and efficient planning.

Customer was satisfied and work was completed properly.


To reduce the product loss as much as possible and get the store up and running quickly so it can start to bring in sales again.


Making sure we set standards and procedures to eliminate any further loss and reduce the current loss of products was extremely important. Our team brought the proper equipment and started in the appropriate areas to reduce any further loss.


We achieved saving about 6% more than a typical emergency restoration plan of action because we catered to the business and brought in special equipment that enhanced the drying process. Most important the cost of the project was roughly the same as using a typical emergency restoration plan of action.

Completed On-Time

6% Savings

100% Client Satisfaction

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