Dos and Don'ts Of Fire Prevention

Dos and Don'ts Of Fire Prevention

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner? Be Prepared Before Cooking.

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There are many types of fires during the holiday season, know how to be prepared for a fire damage and follow the safety procedures for it. Listed below are a few helpful Dos and Don'ts for a proper preparation for a family get together around the holidays.


Fire Prevention Dos

  1. Install safety dials over the oven knobs so your children can't turn on the oven
  2. Invest in a non-tipping bar for the oven so children can't accidentally tip it over
  3. Check your fire alarms to make sure they are working, many can have dead batteries
  4. Inspect the fire extinguishers to make sure they aren't expired and in working condition
  5. Be prepared to put out a small kitchen fire with a UL rated fire extinguisher for kitchen fires.

Fire Prevention Don'ts

  1. Be cautious of smoke inhalation and don't try to save material items, think about your safety
  2. Make sure to monitor the stove and not leave it unattended for long periods of time
  3. Fabrics should be kept away from the oven when cooking to prevent a fire, many oven mitts are not fire resistant
  4. Do not turn off smoke alarms in the kitchen if they go off
  5. Check all open flame candles to make sure they are safely and securely placed in your home


Bonus Tip: If your using an aluminum foil pan to cook your turkey, double pan it to protect against any leaks or small holes in the pan which could cause a grease fire.


Hopefully these tips will help with your holiday get together and prevent any fire damage situations from occurring at your property. Be cautious of grease fires as grease is a major source that can start a smaller fire and if your not properly prepared to put it out, it could escalate. Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday and thanks for taking these extra safely precautions.


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