Oven Fire Damage

Oven Fire Damage

CRD Restore is here to help with your fire damage from an oven either from cooking a normal meal or for a famous Thanksgiving turkey dinner with your family or loved ones. Be cautious when cooking with your oven as fire damages do still occur at home. Home fires cause millions of dollars in claims each year and contribute to many accidents that happen in a home.

Now appliances have additional safety features such as a non-tipping bar on the oven which prevents it from tipping over or child proof covers for the oven dials so children can't turn the oven on when the parents aren't around. These features have helped reduce the number of house fires but there is still a high abundance of fire damage claims in homes.

Safety with home appliances is important to reduce the risk of a fire in your home. It's not just ovens that can cause a fire as dryers and candles tend to create many fire hazard situations. When lighting a candle make sure to have it in a safe place and blow it out before you leave the home to prevent any accidental fire damage. Also, with dryer machines, it's important to clean the lint out of the dryer to prevent a lint fire or an electrical fire.

These are a few ways which fires can be caused in your home but it's important to get out of the home once a fire occurs unless you can safely put out the fire without being in harm's way. Homeowners should check their fire alarms often to make sure they are in properly working condition. Some fire alarms may not work because they are not maintained properly by the homeowner. Always check your fire extinguisher as well because having a proper fire extinguisher is very important to your family.

These are a few things to watch out for when preparing a home to reduce the fire risk. If a fire restoration project needs to be completed, please call CRD Restore for your emergency fire restoration team. The company has an emergency line open 24/7, so call us today.


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