Mold Do's and Don'ts

Mold Do's and Don'ts

Mold Removal Do's and Don'ts

Mold Do's and Don'ts for mold when found in a home. Although a homeowner can attempt to eliminate a mold issue that is under 10 square feet, it's not advised for any homeowner to remove a mold problem that is more than 10 square feet. the risk of spreading the mold is greater and the ability to contain the mold is a higher risk to contaminate other areas of the home.

DO NOT scenarios for mold

  • Do not try to put a fan near mold as it will blow it around if the area is not contained
  • Do not just spray chemicals or bleach on the mold without removing it
  • Do not assume the mold will not harm your immune system, it takes time for mold to have symptoms such as red eyes or headaches
  • Do not wait until the problem gets bigger, take care of it quickly
  • Do not cover areas with caulk or paint over the mold
  • Do not assume a new home can't get mold


DO scenarios for mold

  • Do wear a protective face mask that is certified for mold spores
  • Do wear gloves and a Tyvek suit with show protection to prevent it spreading to different areas
  • Do use the proper air scrubber that is approved and not a generic one found at your local store
  • Do put the area under negative air pressure
  • Do fix the source of the issue before removal starts
  • Do dry the affected area of concern properly before removal
  • Do put up a containment area with 6 mil sheeting
  • Do try to avoid the area
  • Do try to shut off your heating and air conditioning unit to reduce the risk of spreading the mold


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