Mold Remediation Delaware

Mold Remediation Delaware

Remediation in a home or commercial property is important to make sure that mold is eradicated properly in any type of Delaware property. Our team is IICRC certified in mold remediation to ensure a thorough and safe removal in your property. The company started by doing mold removal services to residential customers and grew to be able to handle larger mold losses in commercial properties. The company is skilled at any type of mold and we follow the strictest guidelines to make sure mold doesn't come back in your property.

Are there mold laws in Delaware?

At the time of this article, there are not any laws in place in Delaware to protect homeowners and property owners from mold contractors. In some states, there are laws which prevent a mold removal contractor from doing both the testing and remediation services. When having someone do both testing and remediation, it's a conflict of interest because the company can say you have mold when in reality you don't so they can make more money.

Always be cautious when hiring a contractor, make sure to check the BBB and also the state website to make sure they have the correct permits and licenses needed to work on your home. Also, verify that they have the proper insurance such as Worker's Compensation and General Liability.



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