Mold Remediation New Jersey

Mold Remediation New Jersey

With mold on the rise and more prevalent than previously in homes and buildings because of the moisture issues and cheaper building materials being used today.  Homes are being built with more standards and regulations but those regulations actually close off the building from outside weather and when a leak occurs it can turn into mold quickly because the moisture present will help the mold grow within the building.

Home builders today will build homes to sell and mark up the profit by using lower grade materials for the home so as a buyer you should always confirm what type of materials are in the home before purchasing it. Keep in mind, just because you buy a new home, doesn't mean you won't obtain mold in the home. A simple contractor error would leave room for a leak which could cause mold. Sometimes homes will also sit on the market for months or even years and the thermostat is not turned on because it would cost the home builder money so the home is at risk for moisture issues and the possibility of mold. These are things that few people will look for when buying a home but need to be aware of the dangers.

Other causes of mold are typically when the windows are not sealed properly and water comes in through the window unnoticed. Over time mold will form and spread because of the leak in the window. The same thing can happen with basements and roof issues as small leaks are often unnoticed in homes or buildings unless checking the home every month for leaks and possible moisture intrusion.

If mold has already started to spread in your home and you need a mold specialist in New Jersey, CRD Restore can handle any type of mold remediation project. Trust in our certified and trained professionals who will make sure your home is mold free and take pride in their work for the company.

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