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In Philadelphia, our extraction team is here 24/7 for your emergency situation and our team is IICRC certified to bring you peace of mind so you know that your property or home is with experienced staff. Having specialized in water extraction and restoration services, the company knows how to handle any type of water loss project and has advanced and professional grade equipment to complete the project correctly.

When dealing with a water extraction it’s important to remember that experience is important in order to save your items from damage. If done incorrectly, items can be lost that could have been saved if completed with technicians who know how to complete a water damage. Every item is unique but most common mistakes are not placing furniture above the flooring on stands to avoid the furniture from getting warped by the water.

These small but important steps can help save the homeowner hundreds and thousands of dollars and can be included in the estimates which could be approved by your insurance carrier if done properly. Someone with experience and knowledge of how to estimate a water loss is also very important because it can help to bring your water extraction loss into a stress free project. Always be aware of the experience of the water loss team and make sure the company is IICRC certified before bringing them into your home or business property.

Another avenue is when people don’t hire the experts because they want a lower price but in many cases the water extraction company that has given a lower price does not carry the proper insurance or certifications to complete the project properly. A lower price may end up costing more in the end if the proper processes aren’t followed correctly.

Water Extraction from flooding in a crawl space, basement or any other area in your property is important to re-mediate quickly before mold or other bacteria starts to grow. The process is typically 3 or 4 days with the proper equipment and needs to be monitored daily to make sure the readings and areas are drying properly.

Our team at CRD Restore can also handle the reconstruction of the home, our team will know exactly what was removed and what to replace the items with in your home to bring it back to the way it was before the loss occurred. Trust in CRD Restore for your next water extraction project.


CRD Restore is a full service restoration company that services water damage, fire restoration, sewage damage and mold remediation. Our team of experts has advice and tips to help the customer prepare for an emergency and hope that if you ever need an emergency restoration company that you would call us.

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